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Kamran & Co. Chartered Accountants provides complete range of business services, including audit and assurance, accounting, tax compliance and advisory, internal audit, forensic accounting, business advisory and corporate finance services, companies’ secretarial services, IT management solutions, human resource advisory and strategic planning. One of the key benefits the Firm offers to its clients is its ability, to provide integrated services along the industry lines. It also delivers services that client can rely on, provides solutions and support tailored to meet client’s need that produces tangible results and value addition. Each segment is taken care of by a special constituted team. Team consists of team leaders, who have the professional knowledge and skills, and team members, staff with relevant degree of knowledge and competency, making each team a synergizing mix of professionals and people with relevant knowledge and skills. We offer services in the following areas:

  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • Taxation Services
  • Management Consulting and Business Advisory
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Corporate Secretarial
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Human Resources (HR) Consulting
  • Outsourcing Services

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“Our system enables us to concentrate on area that hold greater importance to clients business and reduce the audit time significantly”

  • Financial Statements Audit
  • Internal Audit and Systems Control Review
  • Compliance Audit / Review
  • Compilation Services
  • Review Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Prospective Financial Statements Examination

Financial Statements Audit

This is carried out for companies, who may be public and private limited companies or branches of foreign entities, and for projects, trusts, charities, NGO’s and funds, whether provident fund, pension fund gratuity and other funds for employees benefit.

The scope of audit in case of companies, is governed by Companies Act, 2017 and in other cases is governed by other statue as applicable. The core objective of financial statement audit is to form and express professional opinion on the truth and fairness of financial statements on auditing, issued by the international Federation of Accountants (IFAC), as applicable in Pakistan.

In addition to the professional opinion, we provide management, with a separate letter addressed to the management containing any significant internal control weaknesses and business risks and other issues, which comes to our attention during the course of audit, helping the management to take remedial actions as well.

Internal Audit and Systems Control Review

The scope and extent of internal audit and SCR depend upon the terms of reference agreed with the client, therefore, is value addition activity of client’s business.

The core focus is on the identification of risks affecting the business and subsequently examining the sufficiency of internal control framework’s effectiveness and efficiency to reduce risks to acceptable level. After the review, we provide management with reports responding to the scope set by the risks in the business operations together with defects, whether in design implementation or operations of internal control system, or lack of internal control system over some activities. The whole purpose of such review is to assist the management in ensuring, as far as practicable, the orderly and efficient conduct of its business, including adherence to its policies, the safeguarding of assets, prevention and detection of fraud and error, the accuracy and completeness of the accounting records and the timely preparation of reliable financial information.

Compliance Audit / Review

The objective is to provide assurance that the significant provisions of the governing statue regulations have been complied with. Timely identification of such deficiency or improper compliance provides an opportunity to the management for rectification of such defect or improper compliance. Review is carried out for clients in other business sectors to provide assurance that the organization in review is not in default in complying with:

  • 1. Covenants under loan and other financial agreements.
  • 2. Withholding tax regime.

Compilation Service

This normally entails reducing detailed data to a manageable form uses our expertise to collect, classify and summarize financial information. This service is performed in accordance with international standards on auditing applicable to compilation agreement. Information compiled is in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework.

Review Services

A review engagement provides a moderate level of assurance, lesser level of assurance then audits, that the information subject to review is free from any misstatement and is expressed in form of negative assurance.

We provide the management, in addition to opinion, letter stating any material weakness found in the internal control system. Review assignment is carried according to the international auditing standards.

Due Diligence

This is an assurance service providing an investigation or audit of a potential investment. This tries to confirm all material fact with regards to sale. Offers for an investment or acquisition are dependent on the result of due diligence investigation. This includes reviewing of all financial record plus anything else deemed material to the sale. The due diligence report provides assurance on the financial position and performance as well as anything else material to the investment or acquisition.

Agreed Upon Procedures

The objective of an agreed upon procedures is for the auditor to carry out procedures of an audit nature to which the auditor and the entity and any appropriate third party have agreed and to report on factual findings. It usually involves performing certain procedures concerning individual items of financial data like payables, receivables, purchases from related parties and sales and profits of segment of an entity, a financial statement or even a complete set of financial statement. The report is restricted to those parties that have agreed to the procedures to be performed since others, unaware of the reasons for the procedures, may misinterpret the report.

Prospective Financial Statements Examination

Examination of prospective financial statement, means accounts prepared on assumption about the financial events that may occur in the future and possible actions by entity, is to give creditability to such statements whether it is to be used by 3rd party or for internal usage.

“Kamran & Co. provides full range of tax services through our tax practitioners having an in-depth knowledge of tax rules and regulations, as well as of the market environment. This enables us to offer an array of services to our clients to comply with tax requirements, while benefitting from tax incentives available in order to make the organization tax effective”

Vastly increasing government budget and of potentially new tax payers have sparked unprecedented levels of new regulations and stringent enforcement of tax laws which has made tax law intricately complex and most regulated of departments in government. The effect of tax laws on companies and other businesses and individuals have profound impact on the current operations and future success. Companies, other businesses and individuals need to keep up with such regulations. Establishing or sustaining a successful business is all about exploiting opportunities and reducing threats. Managing your tax compliance and any tax obligations carefully and proactively gives you and your company the critical difference in being able to remain successful in business.

Based on our motto of “Consultancy Imparting Unique Values” our Taxation segment of the Firm provides complete range of taxation services to enable you to avoid tax liabilities with smart strategies and extensive planning and preparation that work. Our goal is to minimize or eradicate your tax liabilities implementing carefully chosen spoke strategies of tax planning based upon detailed planning and exploiting loopholes in tax and tax case laws:

  • Corporate Taxation Consulting and Advisory
  • Corporate Taxation Compliance and Reporting
  • Personal Tax Consulting
  • Personal Taxation Compliance and Reporting
  • Other taxation Services

Corporate Taxation:

This segment works as value addition activity to client’s finance department by following activities:

  • Restructuring business structure to provide tax savings
  • Re engineering of business operations and activities you be more tax compliant
  • Providing guidance in choosing the most tax beneficial method of book keeping
  • Changing nature of transaction to be more tax efficient
  • Changing route of transactions to enjoy differential rate in tax laws
  • Transaction planning to enjoy tax benefits
  • Suggesting alternative valuation methods for stocks, fixed assets
  • Suggesting legally different ways of revenue recognition
  • Suggesting ways of expense recognition and capitalization
  • Forming of associates and subsidiaries
  • Inter-group transfer of tax losses
  • Providing most tax efficient strategies for transfer pricing
  • Regular meeting with client to impart implications of changes in law for proactive preparation for impending new tax laws

Tax Compliance and Reporting

We help our clients in complying with different tax laws and as well as reporting such compliance in shape of filling of different returns as prescribed by relevant tax laws. For benefit of our clients we perform following tasks:

  • Obtaining NTN and Sales tax registration
  • Preparation and filing of periodic and annual tax returns
  • Withholding tax supervision and its semi-annual reporting
  • Answering and managing post return correspondence with tax authorities
  • Representation of client before tax authorities
  • Managing appeals and other references before tax authorities
  • Gathering and preparing accounting records for successful representation or appeal on behalf of clients
  • Assisting clients in dealing with tax auditors
  • Managing employers withholding tax obligations and periodic returns compliance
  • Assisting the client in any other tax matters which requires our professional help

As new tax payers are being tapped by the Federal Board of Revenue, more and more individuals are becoming tax payers. Like any organization, individuals are also at great risk of financial ruin if they do not follow the complex and strict Income Tax laws as well as other applicable tax laws. Unlike the companies the individuals are at risk to lose the personal savings plus in addition to any investments. We offer appropriate and cost efficient ways of avoiding and extenuating tax bill, all in legal and highly transparent manner, the services offered are:

  • Tax planning for individuals
  • Wealth declaration, reconciliation and related issue
  • Providing foreign executives with services to manage and reduce taxes on remuneration
  • Planning for investments utilizing with services to manage taxes on remuneration
  • Drafting of remuneration packages for executives
  • Managing local taxes on foreign source income
  • Retirement and Investment plans
  • Planning to undertake future transactions to avoid taxes

Taxation Compliance and Reporting
We offer below-mentioned services to our clients to keep them on the right side of tax laws:

  • Preparation and filing of annual return along with the other prerequisite documents
  • Preparation and filing of other document sought by Authorities
  • Managing post return correspondence with Authorities
  • Representation of client before authorities for finalization of orders and other correspondences
  • Client representation before authorities in case of investigation or audit or any inquiry conducted by tax authorities.
  • Other effective strategies and planning for high net worth individuals and families
  • Planning, developing and implementing accounting system to minimize Tax liability
  • Guidance on customs duty for reducing duty for reducing tax liability on imports

“Kamran & Co. offers a comprehensive array of services designed to help clients understand business risks, determine acceptable levels of exposure, implement controls, and provide on-going measurement and monitoring of risk environment and of compliance”.

In present environment of the business world, where intense competition and globalization of businesses define the terrain with dark clouds of recession threatening to pour at any time, road to successful business is littered by intersection demanding informative and accurate decision pitfalls and hurdles demanding of solid foundations, strengthening and modernization of entity. Your business endeavor should not be that of a solitary one. An up-to date and extremely competent help in form of navigation guide is the loud and clear demand of business entities in current world. We help you to successfully navigate the difficult world of business. We help you in answering difficult questions of doing business, for instances:

  • Where to start?
  • Will your Idea work?
  • What skills do you need?
  • Where to locate your business?
  • Should you buy or new start?
  • Regulatory / Tax requirements?
  • Where to get finance from?
  • Required business structure?
  • Develop existing business skills?
  • How to obtain required permits and registrations?
  • Getting best from your staff?
  • Optimization of technology?
  • In case of selling the business
  • How to determine the value of your business?
  • Whom to sell, for how much?
  • How to negotiate?

With use of our deep knowledge we promise to make your business endeavor fruitful one. We offer services under following main areas:

  • Corporate Strategy and Financial Consultation
  • Feasibilities studies
  • Profit and Management improvement consultancy
  • Third Party Validation
  • Treasury Management
  • Liquidation Management
  • Other advisory services

Corporate Strategic & Financial Consultation

Organization are consistently being asked by their stakeholder to improve their business performance expand into new markets, increase revenue and reduce costs. Reducing and controlling cost without damaging the core business is vital for any organization, particularly when faced with intense competition. We provide wide range of services, all aimed at improving the business performance of your organization. We provide following services under corporate strategic and financial services:

  • Incorporation of all kind of companies, public, private and guarantee limited company, single member company
  • Partnership and joint ventures
  • Industrial and technical collaborations
  • Acquisitions, mergers, demergers and all other kinds of capital restructuring
  • Public floatation services
  • Valuation and appraisals of Assets
  • Financial litigation and other financial dispute support and resolution

Feasibility Studies

Clients who intend to set-up a new business or to expand or to continue an existing business need a detailed report to assess the commercial viability of such decision. It is estimated that one in fifty business ideas is commercially viable. Therefore, a business feasibility study is an effective way to safeguard against wastage of investment and resources. A business feasibility study is used to support the decision making process based on cost benefit analysis of the actual business. Entrepreneur should make sure that there are no major road blocks on his road to business success. We at Kamran & Co. provide our clients with comprehensive feasibility study comprising of identification of those major road blocks to determine the true business viability of business concept or project. Our report will have the following main segments:

  • Market viability
  • Technical viability
  • Business model viability
  • Management model viability
  • Economic and financial model viability

Profit and Management Improvement Consultancy

Generally, in any business there is always room to reduce costs and to improve the quality of management. We assist our clients in identification of noncore activities and activities which are generating any value for the bottom line or which are determent to good of the business. Generally, our services involve a review of the costing structure with the view of reducing cost and eliminating the wastages. Recommendations are given to management in developing proper management practices, budgets and / or Management Information Systems (MIS).

Treasury Management

Cash is the lifeline of any business. Without cash, materials cannot be purchased to fulfill orders, pay staff or otherwise buy assets and to pay liabilities. Cash and finances be under strict management to ensure that business never runs out of cash. If one source of funds runs out other source should be identified and touched. We offer our clients the services of treasury management. We provide services to ensure that our clients remain in good standing with lending institutions, identifying and contacting other sources of funds. We also offer services to compile and generate reports that are in compliance with lending institutions requirement.

Third Party Validation

Our valuation services extend to the valuation of fixed assets as well as business valuation. We will assist to determine the market value, and if required, liquidation value and related value of the item being assessed.

Managing Liquidation

For companies who have outlived their commercial viability or their core business has been sold off, we provide professional services to ensure that the company or organization is smoothly and legally wounded up.

Other Services

We offer professional services to help management in providing solution to an unforeseen problem at a very cost beneficial rate.

We specialize in providing comprehensive bookkeeping services to help businesses manage their financial records efficiently and effectively. With a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, we offer accurate, reliable, and personalized solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our commitment is to simplify your financial processes, allowing you to focus on growing your business with confidence. Services Offered:

  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Payroll Processing
  • Tax Preparation Assistance

General Ledger Maintenance

We handle the day-to-day recording of financial transactions, ensuring accurate and up-to-date general ledgers. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees that your financial records are organized and accessible when you need them.

Accounts Payable and Receivable Management

We streamline your accounts payable and receivable processes, managing invoices, payments, and collections efficiently. Our expertise ensures timely payments, reduced delinquencies, and improved cash flow management.

Bank Reconciliation

We reconcile your bank statements with your financial records, identifying discrepancies and ensuring that your accounts are balanced. This critical process minimizes errors, improves accuracy, and provides you with a clear picture of your financial health.

Financial Reporting

Our team prepares comprehensive financial reports, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These reports offer valuable insights into your business's financial performance and enable informed decision-making.

Payroll Processing

We handle payroll calculations, tax withholdings, and direct deposit management. By entrusting us with your payroll responsibilities, you can ensure accuracy, compliance, and timely payments to your employees.

Tax Preparation Assistance

Our professionals work closely with you to gather and organize your financial data for tax purposes. We collaborate with your tax advisor or CPA to ensure accurate and timely filing, minimizing the risk of errors or penalties.

Our Corporate Advisory team specialized in providing expert advice and practical assistance to companies and those charged with governance. We advise on company law, corporate practice and other compliance matters, and assist with a wide range of matters relating to the Companies Act, 2017 and related rules and regulations. Our team of specialists in company’s secretarial matters has experience and expertise in delivering effective solutions wherever our clients do business, and in managing corporate projects from inception to completion. We also work close with our colleagues in audit, tax and other specialists to provide a comprehensive service, tailored to the needs of our clients.

  • Incorporation of Companies-
  • Establishment of Branch/liasion Office
  • Winding Up/Liquidiations
  • Secretarial Audits/Complaince Reviews
  • Listing/Delisting of Securities
  • Merge/Amalgamation of Companies
  • Issuance of Right/Bonus Shares
  • Conversion of Status of the Companies

In Pakistan, corporate governance is very detailed and the enforcement of corporate laws is very vigorously monitored by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (‘SECP’). Applicable corporate laws require regular filing of different reports and forms, where the due dates of such reports and forms is scattered all over the year.

Dealing tedious corporate governance requirements need a fulltime qualified department and few businesses have resources to make such department. We help our clients to free up resources and provide solutions and services at cost beneficial rates.”

We Offer Services Under two Board Cartegories
Company's Services
  • Name selection and name booking of companies
  • Incorporation of private, public, Guarantee limited and Single Member companies
  • Drafting and printing of memorandum and articles of association (MOA)
  • Changes in MOA and registered offices of company
  • Compiling and filing of all reports and forms required under applicable laws
  • Management and handling of all correspondence with SECP
  • Managing conversion of company from private to public company or to any other form and vice versa
  • Assistance in getting attested and other copies from SECP
  • Compliance requirement of any changes in the structure of board of directors
  • Assistance in drafting minutes of AGM, EGM and BOD
  • Drafting of notices for annual general meeting and extra ordinary general meeting
  • Supervision and management of share transfer department
  • Managing and handling of all matters of corporate laws
  • Winding up of companies
  • Provision of assistance in any other secretarial matter
  • Drafting of partnership deeds
  • Registering partnership deeds
  • Amendments and restructuring of partnerships
  • Conversion of partnerships and AOP’s into company
  • Assistance in termination of partnerships and AOP deeds

“Savvy businesses understand that technology investments cannot be made solely to enable internal and external operations; technology is now, more than ever a critical component to retaining and winning customers as well as staying ahead of competition”

The power of our consulting lies in the quality of our people, sharing of ideas, and our commitment to clients and each other. Our aim is to be the country’s leading business and technology consultancy firm. We assist our clients to solve their most complex problems, distinguished by our ability to combine technology and a broad range of business skills to create tangible and measureable impact for our clients

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Strategy and Operations
  • Technology Integeration
  • Outsourcing
  • SMC Analytics

In present world of cut throat competition and standardization of products infested with stringent capital rationing and dominance of markets by large multinational where standard technology is changing each day, fortune will only favor the wellequipped and well prepared. Business world is moving towards automation of routine and cumbersome activities to reduce costs, improve product quality & to increase profitability of the organization. Modern and up to date information technology is one of the biggest weapons in the arsenal of any CEO to ensure survival and growth of his entity. We help our clients in designing and installing technology to modernize and to withstand the rigors of current environment. We specialize in designing and implementing paperless MIS in any organization.

We offer following services in this aspect:

  • Be-spoke Software
  • Selection & installation
  • Off-the-shelf software
  • Modernizing of existing software
  • Systems Audit
  • DRP

Be-spoke Software

Be-spoke software is software that is designed and developed for a specific organization or particular function and it differs from already available software. Kamran & Co. focus on meeting your needs. We use our technical, business experience to design / develop be-spoke or customized software applications to enhance your business, helping to achieve cost savings, strategic advantage in marketplace, be customized to interface with other software that you operate with the potential, to provide you with fully integrated IT infrastructure across your whole organization. We also provide support services to ensure its continuity.

Selection & installation

Implementation of MIS can be troublesome when trying to determine hardware implementing the system keeping in mind the costs of buying and maintenance. We offer expertise in assisting our clients to determining which hardware profile to use with most benefit. Our services provide significant cost saving with benefits, out weighing the cost by huge margin.

Off-the-shelf software

OTS software means the software which is generally available and is mass marketed by developers. For companies and other entities that are in startup phase of their lifecycle and other entities who are unable to dedicate resources to be-spoke software, recommend them the most suited software from a wide range of, off-the-shelf software with required customization and help in implementation such software.

Modernizing of existing software

Many companies / entities, which have already installed and are using some software, we offer them chance to update and modify the existing software so that they can integrate new innovations available to overhaul their existing MIS. While using software, some new problems become apparent over time or some needs become highlighted that need to be fulfilled. We offer them our services with a view to solve these problems and provide solutions to their needs with the customization of their existing management information system.

Systems Audit

With large number of software available vis-à-vis use of software by entity without proper audit, as to soundness of design, presence of proper internal controls and the proper implementation of design in practice, can be hazardous to the entity’s health in short term as well as the long term. We offer service for implementation of such design in the coding of software. We minutely examine software to determine that there are no bugs which may cause it malfunction. We also investigate software to determine that no subroutines or other backdoor exist which may cause software to bypass internal control on instructions of anybody wanting to commit fraud or illegal activity at the entity’s expense.


Any entity which intends to grow and survive for indefinite period, must develop and implement plan to save and to recover the MIS in case of any disaster, which may cause loss of its database and or its computing system. We help to develop/implement a system to safeguard database and other vital assets of MIS.

“In the modern and successful business, the focus on HR has shifted from, a traditional view of administrative function, to a strategic one that makes direct link between talented and motivated, and which performs to optimum level. Humans are an organization’s greatest assets; without them, everyday business functions could not be completed. Humans and the potential they possess, drive an organization. Today’s organizations are continuously changing. Organizational change impacts not only the business but also its employees”

To maximize organizational effectiveness, human potential individuals work to ensure that, employees are able to meet the organization goals. In the current and modern environment, the growing staffing needs and complex staffing requirements and the available job market are endless source of difficulties to any business. The other challenges faced by organizations, are attracting and retaining staff due to shrinking pool of labor, high vacancy in key roles, ongoing skills shortage and ageing workforce. The attraction, preservation and development of high caliber people are a source of competitive advantage for any business, and are the responsibility of HR.

Kamran & Co. human resource practice segment believes in hiring the right people, with relevant skills and knowledge, retaining them, maintaining an optimum balance between cost savings and retention of talented people, developing and motivating them so that they can perform at their best and help the organization, in which they work, to achieve its strategic aims and goals.

Kamran & Co. can bring a variety of skill sets, to your entity, from helping you set up your office policies to finding right employee benefits and helping to hire staff. Our HR segment can help you to bring in a broader scope of available technology that makes your HR department run more efficiently. Our HR segment can help your business greater profitability by market research and staff training.

We provide HR Consulting with an overriding objective to ensure:
  • Consistency and compliance with the entity’s objectives
  • Competitive advantage within the specific market and industry
  • Cost effectiveness and cost saving for the employer We provide following services under HR Consulting:
  • Organizational hierarchy designing and structuring
  • Work force planning specifying jobs roles
  • Screening and recruiting new employees
  • Training and skill development of new employees
  • Salary surveys and designing of salary package
  • Performance and competency evaluation
  • Designing and development of HR policies and manual

Hierarchy Designing and Structuring

Organizational charts are graphical description of command structure together with the functions, activities and roles linked to any official position in the chart together with relation to other position in entities. These are done by Kamran & Co. to achieve:

  • Smooth achievement of goals
  • Exact staffing requirements
  • Required competency position
  • Smooth delegation of authority
  • Elimination of redundancies
  • Effective/timely information sharing

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is about having right people, with right skills in right jobs at their right time. We help you in addressing two basic questions about future work force which are:

  • How many should be in staff?
  • What sort of staff?

To do this, we identify the future skills mix needed to deliver high quality services and analyze current workforce. We also resolve gaps by comparing future requirements and present situation, to be bridged through staffing actions

Training and Skills Development

Continuous training and skills development of employees is greatly practiced in successful enterprises as well as advocated by CEO’s of successful and multinational businesses due to the following reasons:

  • Increased efficiency in processes, resulting in more profits
  • ncreased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Increase innovation in strategies and products
  • Increased job satisfaction and morale in employees
  • Reduced staff turnover

Kamran & Co. undertake, on client’s behalf, salary surveys and designing of salary packages to determine:

  • What’s the market price in relation to a specific knowledge and skills
  • The minimum amount by which to increase the salary, to attract top talent and the package structure required, to retain them as well as properly motivating them to work at their top level
  • The gap between salary package and the markets
  • The package structure required, in case of existing employees, to retain them and work at their maximum potential

Job Placement, Head Hunting and Executive Leasing

Hiring the right people, with skills, in the right job at the right time is extremely important for any organization to maintain its competitive advantage. Clients are assisted by providing search and placement services adapted to the specific needs of the clients. Clients have the option to viewing suitable candidates either generated through our own database of professionals available or, candidates generated through advertisement in the newspapers. To the clients, who are facing short term or permanent difficulties in meeting their staffing needs, we offer qualified executives on contractual basis, either for specified period or on going basis, to be able to meet their staffing needs.

Screening and Recruiting

Hiring wrong employee is cost expensive to your work and time consuming. Hiring right employee is challenging process but it pays back in employee productivity, a successful employee / employer relationship, and positive impact on your total work environment. Kamran & Co. helps in hiring for today’s need and tomorrow’s vision. We make the challenging process of hiring the right employee, by:

  • Analyzing position to determine the tasks expected to perform, and roles it is required to fill
  • Determine the optimum mix of professional knowledge and skills together with salary costs
  • Screening the applicants to determine who has the required knowledge and skills
  • Exhaustive negotiations with the short listed candidates to select the cheapest candidate

Performance and Competency Evaluation

We assist our clients in evaluating performance of staff at key roles, to determine gap in performance performed and the required level of performance.

We determine core competencies of senior managers and gap in current and required competency in future, keeping in mind tomorrow vision. In engagement report we provide you with the result of performance evaluation of whole entity as well as stating out any performance deficit at any identified position and star performers in your entity.

HR Policies / Manuals

Sound employment policies provide framework within which an entity governs its employee relations. Policies and procedures manual, guides both managers and employees, as to what is expected, and can prevent misunderstanding about employer policy. In addition, supervisors and managers are more likely to be consistent in applying policies that are clearly communicated in writing. We help our clients in designing and developing top quality Human Resource policies and manual, so that the most important resource, manpower, is effectively and efficiently used, and that it is fully used to its maximum potential, to increase the profitability and stability of the organization, as well as effecting the work environment in positive manner.

There is a good business sense in concerning on core activities and value addition activities by outsourcing non-core departments, which will enable small and growing businesses to release resources from non- core activities and concerning them in core business activities. Outsourcing from routine transactions to high volume transactions and from one aspect of accounting and allied department to outsourcing complete accounting and allied department, helps in driving more profit and enable the business to grow without increasing staff and support infrastructure. Objective of the outsourcing is to free the business from low end high volume activities so they can give all their attention, making the business grow. Kamran & Co. believe in providing professional services in complete confidentiality, free from error to enable our clients to get high quality professional services at lower costs, without increasing their staff / support infrastructure.

Supervision of finance and accounting department,

Managing of finance and accounting department by providing book keeping services, whether computer based or manual based, to provide complete services as finance and accounting department as well as providing routine and special reports to the management, as and when required by them,

Providing staff, to cover staffing shortfall in finance and accounting department on short term or long term, to carry out designated or routine tasks,

Maintenance of or providing internal audit function, on continuing or need specific basis, to perform as a complete department with in the business and to report to any person or department as directed by the client,

Recording, preparing and compiling financial transactions, to be able to generate and subsequent handling of:

Periodic returns and statements as prescribed by Income Tax Law,

Withholding tax statements and related tasks

Sales tax monthly and periodic statements

Reconciliation of accounting records with statements and returns filed under income and sales tax laws.

Outsourcing Extends with The Following:
  • Handling of Companies Share Transfer Department
  • Accounting Compliance Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Handling of Companies Share Transfer Department

Share transfer department of companies comes under ambit of lengthy and strict corporate laws. We help our clients by setting up and managing complete running of share transfer department at a very competitive cost.

Accounting Compliance Services

Recipients of help or loans from international lenders and donor agencies are under strict covenants to maintain their accounting records under the guidelines provided by such agency. We provide complete range of accounting and finance services to such recipients to enable them to maintain such record and in such form as prescribed by the international lending or donor agency. These services range from running and maintaining one aspect of accounting and finance department, to managing and maintenance of the whole accounting and finance department.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Different businesses have different requirements and business strategies for management and operational procedures. Primary aim of any business is to yield profits and nullify losses. We offer our clients, services of accounting and finance BPO. We are professionally managed firm with innovation and experience to undertake all types of accounting and financial activities to act as virtual accountant for your company. We provide various types of accounting BPO service ranging from bookkeeping, accounts receivables, accounts payables, tax returns, account reconciliations, bookkeepers with in-depth knowledge.

Forensic investigation (Tracing and Recovery) involves below mentioned sectors:

  • Corporate Investigations
  • Anti-Fraud Consulting

Corporate Investigation

Companies facing whistleblower allegations, government inquiries or other allegations regarding possible improprieties must quickly conduct a thorough fact finding investigation. To assess allegations enormous amount of complex information must be distilled into a readily understandable form. Early action is crucial so that wrongdoing can be addressed, good ethics can be demonstrated and steps can be taken to protect shareholder value. Our corporate investigation is composed of professionals with the financial acumen forensic accounting and investigatory skills and technological know-how to conduct corporate investigations spanning many levels of complexities and breadth.
These services include:

  • Corporate investigations
  • Assets tracing and recovery
  • Asset misappropriation investigation

Anti-Fraud Consulting

Effective approach to deterring, detecting and preventing fraud starts with a plan. Entities should address the risk of fraud in the comprehensive and integrated manner. Our integrated approach to fraud control helps entities to understand their susceptibility to fraud risk, identify high risk fraud areas, and develop a fraud control plan to address areas of critical fraud risk monitor the ongoing effectiveness of fraud risk mitigation and response to actual instances of fraud.
Services we offer:

  • Assess the existence of antifraud control in the business
  • Fraud risk assessment (including training) and assisting with the preparation of fraud controls
  • Fraud control policy and plans advisory
  • Employee fraud awareness training
  • Investigations, assistance and services
  • Fraud and ethics whistle blowing helpline advisory services

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