We provide industry‐focused services for public and private clients in order to build public trust and enhance value through the application of our committed approach and methodology. Whatever the size of the organization our services approach is guided towards client satisfaction and our commitment towards excellence and perfection.

Audit and Assurance
Corporate Secretarial.


Financial accounting.
Financial statement audit.
Sustainability reporting.
IFRS reporting.
Independent controls & systems process assurance.
Internal audit.
Regulatory compliance and reporting.
Dispute analysis & investigations.

External Audit
Auditing is a systematic process of objectively obtaining and evaluating evidence regarding declaration about economic actions and events to ascertain the degree of correspondence between those declarations and established criteria and communicating the results to the interested users. We have an audit team of professionals who possess the knowledge, skills, time and experience to perform the engagement.
ability to deliver a quality audit depends on our team's strong understanding of the
Business processes,
Accounting policies,
Internal controls,
And financial reporting issues specific to your industry and your organization.
Our audit teams include industry-experienced audit professionals who can actively participate in areas requiring special knowledge, skills, or tools. Fulfilling this commitment to maintain the highest audit quality requires vigilance in making sure our audit complies with changing regulations and professional standards.

Income Tax.
 Corporate Taxation.   Personal Taxation.
General Sales Tax.

Income Tax.

Kamran & Co is one of the premier firms providing Tax services and is respected by both the Government and the Private Sector. The tax team is committed to provide clients with highest standards of professional counsel and direction in all of its diverse practice areas. The senior partner of Kamran & Co is one of the senior and respected tax experts of the country. The Tax Team consists of specialized professionals, which caters for a large portfolio of diversified clients, which includes Manufacturing, Services, Real Estate, Telecom and Retail Sector. We offer a wide range of tax services including corporate and individual planning and compliance, to assist our clients to reduce their exposure to a range of direct and indirect taxes, as well as advising on cost control through improved administrative efficiency and compliance.

The broad scope of multifarious taxation services includes:
Corporate Taxation. Personal Taxation.

Corporate Taxation.
Taxation services involve designing and implementing tax strategies to assist and fabricate sustainable long-term tax savings. To satisfy the needs of our clients, we provide a wide range of services, either advice or compliance assistance, to suit any business enterprise.
Our range of services in the area of corporate taxation includes:
Advisory services of income and chargeability of tax, exemptions, and withholding tax management.
Compliance work at both assessment and appeal stage.
Filing of Corporate returns of the Company and finalization of assessment.
Monthly / Annual Statements prescribed under the law.
Representations before tax authorities.
Tax planning involving complicated models and tax shelters.
Personal Taxation.
Individuals of high net-worth are prone to tax default and inefficient planning, which results in higher incidence of tax. Their situation becomes more critical in view of their varying interests and sources of income.
To help reducing the risk of default for high net-worth individuals, we provide services for :
Tax planning for individuals.
Compliance services with respect to personal taxation.
Advisory services to help reduce tax exposure or increase tax saving.

General Sales Tax.

Domestic taxation particularly General Sales Tax [GST] has increasingly become a subject of intricate complexities, quite often impacting current operations as also having serious potential implications for the business enterprises, its owners and management. Business performance and success, therefore, is essentially a function of the ability to be forward-looking and in the process, see through the future trend of domestic taxation so that instead of reacting to the current developments and changes, the business enterprise is poised to take strategic tax decisions and pursue innovative tax solutions well in time to face new challenges and reap emerging opportunities. It is therefore, rightly believed that the future belongs to those who benefit from well contemplated, sophisticated and articulate planning, options and strategies as an essential ingredient of the new paradigm. Strategic tax consulting thus tends to create new capabilities to meet the onslaught of domestic competition.
Of all the indirect taxes, GST occupies a conspicuous significance in Pakistan in the current regime of public finance and taxation. In Pakistan, since recent years, increasing number of goods and services are being brought within the ambit of the GST regime. Although in its initial stage, the law governing GST is not only becoming far reaching but also highly complex, both from the standpoint of compliance as also from the perspective of planning to manage the effects of the levy on pricing, decisions and distribution structure and indeed on the "bottom-line". It is therefore, reasonable to expect a high level of focused enforcement by the tax authorities. By the same token, business enterprises need to address the issue not only in timely manner but also by availing competent level of specialization, professional expertise and experience to avail and optimize benefits as also to shelter against potential punitive action in the event of default. General Sales Tax [GST]
    - Planning, consultation, compliance and reporting services.

Counseling and advice on GST issues on a continuing basis.
Preparation and filing of GST returns and coordination in the management of GST payment.
Representation before GST assessment and appellate authorities on contentious GST
     issues and dispute resolution
Advises and assistance in pursuing claim for adjustment of input and output taxes.
Pursue and assist in following GST exemptions and refund issues, if any.


The recent changes in governance culture and corporate compliance regulations have enhanced the necessity for a compliance function. Our specifically trained staff provide the Regulatory Assistance Services, to facilitate in complying with due secretarial and corporate requirements, which includes
Incorporation of companies / firms/ societies etc.
Filing of Corporate forms.
Other Corporate formalities.

Incorporation of companies / firms/ societies etc.
Filing of Corporate forms.
Other Corporate formalities.
Increase in authorized capital,
Increase in Paid up capital,
Registration of Charges,
Alteration to the Memorandum & Articles of Association.
Certified Copies of documents.
Rresentation before the SECP / CRO / and other relevant departments.
Preparation and filing of forms / documents with the Company Registration Office